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By: Tony Robinson

Humans are notorious for collecting and hoarding. Many people have collections of some sort - be it collecting coins, cars, dolls, china, art work and a myriad of many many other collectible items. Stamp collecting is no exception. The art of stamp collecting is known as Philately.

Collectible postage stamps aren"t necessarily the highest dollar value - or most valuable stamps. Virtually all stamps will feature something that appeals to a stamp collector, instantly making the item a collectible. Whilst most collectors aspire to own stamps worth large sums of money, many who enjoy the hobby simply collect and/or purchase stamps they find visually interesting.

The obvious source for finding stamps is a post office, but shopping for collectible stamps at such a location barely scratches the surface in terms of what"s available. By using the Internet, you gain access to stamps from around the world. One of the best internet resources for a stamp collector is eBay, the world"s single largest marketplace.

An east strategy to begin a collection is to ask family and friends to collect the stamps off mail they have received. remember to ask them not to try to take the stamp off the envelope - leave that task for yourself top do properly.

Some of the most popular collectible postage stamps feature images of pop culture icons. Disney characters, Elvis Presley, and Princess Diana have all been honoured with their own postage stamps. For those new to the world of philately, these celebrity stamps make the ideal starting point. They feature familiar faces we all know and love, and many of them are available at economical prices. You may also choose an event such as the olympic games as a theme for your first collection - think of where your own interests lay - and follow that interest. For example - you may be interested in flowers, animals or cars - so you could use those themes as the theme for your first collection.

Of course on eBay, you"ll find thousands of auctions for collectible stamps, ranging from affordable celebrity-themed stamps to the extremely valuable. The auction website is also a wonderful place to find stamps from countries other than your own. By using, you can effortlessly discover new stamps to add to your collection. eBay has been designed with efficiency in mind and is completely free for shoppers to use. Simply input a few keywords to begin your collectible stamp quest, or browse by category to view the full range of stamps up for auction on eBay.

Good luck and happy stamp collecting.

Tony Robinson is a keen stamp collector and also has a range of First day of Issue envelopes. His site is at

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